It’s Time

I’m the same as you in so, so many ways.
I was created the same way as you and was born – like you.
I was a child and did silly things, and funny things, and naughty things, and things I’d never do again – just like you.
I went to school and learnt (well, some of the time) – like you.
I grew up and started to discover the world, learnt what I liked and what I didn’t like and who I was – as did you.
I live on this Earth and wouldn’t really want to be anywhere else,
And I’m guessing you wouldn’t either.
I eat, I sleep, I laugh and I cry –
Something tells me you do these things too.

We might not have the same colour hair, or eyes,
Or like the same food or have the same talents.
We definitely don’t have the same family or share the same worries,
But in many ways we’re so, so similar, you and I, it’s uncanny.
We’ve never met, and yet I know I’m like you.
You have dreams and aspirations and so do I.
You have passions and loves – so do I.
There are things that make you sad,
And things that make you so full of joy you can hardly breathe.
And there are things that make you so angry you could scream.
I have these things too.

Even though you’re not so sure,
We’re really not that different, you and I.
We both have the capacity to do good and to love with all our heart.
And we both have the capacity to be bad and to do evil if we so choose.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’re both human.
Different in appearance – yes;
With different histories and different futures – most definitely.
But human all the same.

And the best part about being human, for me,
Are the the people I know and the people I love.
You probably feel the same.
Yes, people can annoy me, anger me and sometimes hurt me,
But they also make me happy, care for me and make life worth living.
Without other people, I’d be a sad person,
And very lonely on this big old planet.
I hope you are lucky enough to have lots of friends and loved ones like me.
Maybe you even have that special someone,
Who you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with.
I haven’t found him yet, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

And when I do find him,
I’ll love him as best I can.
And, when the time’s right, I’ll marry him.
Not because it’s something I’ve dreamed of since childhood,
Not because it’s something I have to do,
And definitely not to make a political statement.
I’ll marry him simply because I want to.
And it won’t matter to me what anyone else in the entire world thinks.
Although it’ll sadden me that you’ll probably disapprove and may even try to stop me,
Directly or indirectly.

I don’t know how involved you are in trying to deny me the same rights you enjoy,
But whether you’re high up in government, or washing the dishes at the local deli,
Please try not to forget that we’re so, so similar, you and I, it’s uncanny.
We both have the capacity to love,
And we neither of us have the right to legislate each other’s happiness.

It’s time.